Subscription transfer

If your Android device is faulty or you have purchased a new box or device and need to transfer your Dreamstreams subscription to it, we need some information to do this.

We do not issue new codes as your code is transferable and will just carry on once transferred to your new device and run till the end of that subscription.


First you need to install Dreamstreams on your new device. Make sure you install the correct dreamstreams app for your subscription (normal or plus+)

When you start it up, it will ask you for an activation code and show you the account section (see above image). At the top of the screen, you will see ‘User ID’ followed by a string of numbers and letters. This is the user ID of your Dreamstreams installation. We need this user ID and your subscription code.

If you do not have your subscription code, include your name and the month you bought it and the length of the subscription and we will check for it.

Please note that code transfers take up to 24hrs after you have sent us the new account information.

Please do not contact us until after 24hrs if it has not been transferred.