To download Dreamstreams for your Android TV box (including Amazon devices) click here

To download Dreamstreams for your Android phone or tablet click here

To download Dreamstreams for your Android TV Box, phone or tablet (Android 10 or Higher) click here

Dreamstreams plus+ is the same service as normal Dreamstreams but  includes 101 Live Channels with 7-Day catch pp & VOD catch up on selected sports events.

To download Dreamstreams Plus+ for your Android TV box click here

To download Dreamstreams Plus+  for your Android phone or tablet click here

To download Dreamstreams Plus+  for your Android TV box, phone or tablet (Android 10 or Higher) click here





Android TV box owners

To install Dreamstreams, you first need to download our software onto your Android TV box. The easiest and fasted way is to simply download it to your laptop or PC, and then drag the “Dreamstreams.Android.apk” file over to a USB memory stick then put the memory stick into the USB slot on your Android box and install this way.

Installing third party apps on Android TV is a simple process.

Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

Like all other Android devices, installation from Unknown Sources is disabled by default. To be able to manually install apps on your Android TV box, you will have to enable it first. On the Andriod TV box , go to Settings -> Security and Restrictions and scroll down to the Unknown Sources option. Tap on the checkbox to enable it. 

If you do not select this now, it will probably prompt you to do it once you try to install the Dreamstreams app.

Download the Dreamstreams APK from above links

You can download the Dreamstreams software APK to your laptop or directly to your Android device.

Install the APKs

Once you have downloaded the Dreamstreams app, you need to locate where it is on your device and install it.

If you are using a laptop/pc and have tranfered to a USB memory drive, insert it into the side of your box and then locate the local folder on the box and then the USB drive then the Dreamstreams Apk. You can use APK installer to find it or you can locate it with ‘file browser’. Once you find it click install and follow the on screen options.

If you downloaded the Dreamstreams APK directly to your box, you can find it by looking in the Apk installer which is on most Android devices or looking in the download folder which you will find by normally clicking into the local folder or ‘file browser’. Most Android boxes are set up the same but you might find the APK installer or the local/download folder in another place


Once Dreamstreams is installed you should shortcut it to your main screen window for access. If you follow this yourtube clip we found from 1.50 mins it will show you how to put the Dreamstreams app (KODI in the clip) on your main screen Click Here and follow from 1.50 mins



Amazon Fire stick or FireTV device owners.

Amazon devices are locked out from installing third party software (apks) but don’t worry as it is easy to get around.

If you do not know how to install software (APK files) onto your Amazon device, you will need to install Dreamstreams using a method called side-loading with the amazon Downloader app.

Downloading Using the Downloader App

If you do not know how to find the Downloader app we have found a short YouTube clip showing how to do it.



There are several methods that can be used to install Dreamstreams to your amazon device but the easiest and most reliable is using the downloader app. This is the process that doesn’t require a file explorer or a second device. This is achieved by using the downloader app to get Dreamstreams from this website. Luckily, this method works with all Fire TV sticks and Fire TV versions.

1.      Boot up your Fire TV and utilize the Search box to discover the Downloader application. Currently, it has an orange and white logo. It is important to point out that this is in the apps category. Therefore, ensure that you are in the Apps and Games category in your device menu.

2.      Select the application with your remote and tap the Download or Get button

3.      Downloader should start to install, after which the Download or Get button will transform into an Open Click on it.

4.      In the Downloader application you will see an URL field, enter the download URL for Dreamstreams apk.

5.      You can make make a shortlink URL for the Apk downoad link for your Amazon downloader to make it easier to use as the URL is long.

Gto:     Cut and paste the Url below into it to make a shortlink to use.

Amazon device APK:

Normal Dreamstreams

Dreamstreams Plus +

Copy and paste the short link. Make a point of checking whether the URL is correct before hitting the download

6.      Dreamstreams will start to download and you’ll be served with an application installation menu. Choose Install

7.      Dreamstreams will be installed on your device. Select Done and pull out to the primary menu.

8.      You can then launch Dreamstreams from the Apps segment of the main Fire TV stick or Fire TV menu.