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We operate from this website only. We do not support any other websites or apps.

Dreamstreams runs on our dedicated Dreamstreams apps only.

Dreamstreams is for Android TV Devices, (including the Amazon Firestick and FireTV, NVIDIA Shield) Android phones and tablets.

Q: What are Android TV Devices and what can they do?

A: The Android TV Device is one name for the many of the different models of internet TV devices that are very popular. Like the Amazon Fire-stick, Fire TV, NVidia Shield, Minix & Zidoo range of devices. Any Android TV device will turn your TV into a huge entertainment centre that you can add 1000s of apps to that many smart TVs will not support. They all run on the Android operating system. The Apple TV does not run on Android.

Q: Can I try Dreamstreams before I buy it?

A: Yes, you can. Free of charge. We offer you a 3-day free trial. Just click here

Q: What is the difference between Dreamstreams and Dreamstreams Plus+?

A: Dreamstreams Plus + is an extra version of normal Dreamstreams but includes a 7-day catch up feature on many channels and VOD for certain past sports events. plus you can setup and record onto your device if you have enogh memory or and external drive.  

Please note: Dreamstreams Plus + is a completely separate platform from normal Dreamstreams. Existing Dreamstreams customers cannot change or upgrade their current subscriptions to Plus+. You will need to let your current subscription expire before buying a Plus+ subscription.  

If you want to try Dreamstreams Plus+, it can be installed on the same device as your normal Dreamstreams account to try it out. Just email us for a tester code.

Q: What are Sub devices and how do you set them up

A: Sub devices is the name we give for adding extra devices (Firestick, TV box etc) to your Dreamstreams account so you can watch on other devices in other rooms of your home as a multiroom option. You can learn more about the Sub device options here  or go to 



Using Bitcoin and other Crypto currency payments with debit or credit card 


New to making Crypto currency payments?

We accept Crypto payment in

Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LCH), Ethereum (ETH) 

You can use any Crypto merchant or wallet to make payment on our checkout but if you are new to these types of payments, we have been recommended some Crypto Currency merchants who are easy to setup and make payments with ands we have included these below with help videos.



 Crypto Merchants who have their own Crypto wallets with the account.

Countries supported: Worldwide

Coinbase are one of the biggest Crypto websites in the world. Once you get setup with an account they are very easy to use.

Step by step guide for buying crypto using

Countries supported: Worldwide

Bitpay have Google and apple apps and once you get setup with an account they are very easy to use.

Step by step guide for buying crypto using

Countries supported: Worldwide

Kraken are another one of the biggest crypto exchange websites in the world. Once you get setup with an account they are very easy to use.

Step by step guide for buying crypto using

(It is advised to use method one of you are new to Crypto currency)



Please note: You will have to submit ID verify before you can buy crypto currencies from these like all the other crypto merchants.

Do you have your own Crypto currency wallet?

A popular merchant we have been recommended is

Countries supported: Worldwide

They have their own Google and Apple wallet and you can buy any Crypto currency from them direct with Debit or credit card at

Countries supported: Worldwide

They have their own Google and Apple and you can buy any Crypto currency from them direct with Debit or credit card.

Please note:  ChangeNow and you will have to submit ID verify before you can buy buy cryptos from them like all the other crypto merchants.

Dreamstreams user info

Q: What internet speed do I need for Dreamstreams?

A: We recommend that you have an internet speed connection of no less than 5mb for HD Channels.    

Q: What is the recommended way to connect my Android TV Box to my router and TV

A: If your Wi-fi router is in another room or a distance from your TV and your internet is slow, we recommended to connect your TV box directly to your internet router with an Ethernet cable (cat5). This will give you the best connection possible without the interference you get from other devices that are on the same network like smartphones and gaming consoles. If you have to use Wi-Fi, please make sure that your TV box is not more than 5 meters in distance from your router. It is not recommended to have your TV box in another room from your router connected over your Wi-Fi.  

Q: What Android TV box can I install Dreamstreams on?

A: You can install the Dreamstreams software on any of the many Android TV boxes on the market: Zidoo, Amazon fire-stick or Fire TV, MXQ, M8, Minix Neo, T8 etc. If the box is running the Android operating system, Dreamstreams will work. We recommend that if you are buying an Android TV box to install Dreamstreams, you get one of the higher quality models with better specifications like higher RAM and display chipset.

Below are the top specification Android TV devices. These will last for many years with online firmware updates to keep them up to date.

Zidoo Devices NVidia Shield TV Pro Minix TV Boxes Amazon Firestick or FireTV Xiaomi TV Stick 4k  

Mid-level boxes from $30 T9-TV Box

Although Dreamstreams will work on a lot of Smart TV, we do not support Dreamstreams on any Android television (Samsung, Sony etc.)  

Q: Can I change my subscription to another box.  

A: Yes, of course you can do this. The Dreamstreams subscription is yours for the length of the subscription. If you have a faulty device and need to change your subscription to a new device or you have purchased a new box, you will need to get in touch with us and give us your new account user ID from the settings in the app and your subscription code number. Follow the info on this page to find you user ID. If you do not have your old code, include your name and email that you bought the code with and we will find it.  

Q: What info do we need from you to have Dreamstreams?

A: Only an email address and your subscription code for any support issues. Please keep your current code for any support you may need.    

Q: Can I try Dreamstreams before I buy it?

A: Of course, you can. Free of charge. We offer you a 3-day free trial. Just click here    

Q: How do I activate the XXX Adult only section?

A: For parental controls the Adult XXX section is hidden from view. The XXX adult channels need to be activated to view. To activate please go to settings on account page and turn on the ‘A’ switch by using code “9012” Click Here to Learn More    

Technical help:

Dreamstreams is an easy-to-use system, but there a few things that can affect its operation.

Dreamstreams codes only work one time on any device. You cannot re-install the software and then re-enter your code. This will not work. After its activation, your code is for reference only. If you need to change your account to another device, you need to contact us.  So please do not wipe or reset your box once activated. Please consult us before you do this.     

Q: My app has lost some channels info or you are having other issue. 

A: You can clear the app cache the app this will rebuild the app and fix most issues. From the app, go to ‘Settings’ then to the bottom and press ‘Clear Cache Data’ This will rebuild the app and should fix any issues. 

Q: Do I need to use a VPN with Dreamstreams?

A: You can use a VPN but it needs to be a fast VPN that supports live streaming. Do not use a free VPN. If you are having issues turn off the VPN and check again.   

Q: I am getting error when I enter my code ‘Wrong active code. please contact dealer’

A: This error is because you are trying to enter a code into the wrong Dreamstreams App. Standard Dreamstreams codes end in ‘e’ and will only work on standard Dreamstreams app (see ver_stb). Dreamstreams plus+ codes end in ‘ec’ and will only work on Dreamstreams plus+ app (ver_stb+).      

Q: What can I do if I get some freezing or buffering?

A: Dreamstreams is a very stable platform and should run without many issues. The app is setup by default, but there are a few changes you can try out if you find that you are having issues with freezing.

Try a different decoder setting.  (This option is most likely to work on the newer Amazon firesticks) In the Account  settings you will see Decoding mode. The app is set to ‘Hardware decoder’ by default but you can change this to any of the other Decoder settings. ‘VLC, Exo, Software decoder etc’ to see if this fixes any freezing. This might work on some boxes with different chipsets.

You can test out these various decoder settings and test what works best on your device.

If this causes your main channels to freeze, change it back to the default setting of ‘Hardware decoder’. 

Dreamstreams will work from your mobile Hotspot on your smartphone if you have 4g but this will use up your data.  


Q: When logging in, you get ‘Network unavailable’ error?

A: Please check your internet connection if you get this error code as it is not connected to your internet connection.

Q: I have changed my Android box and need to reinstall Dreamstreams on my new box.

A: Please take a note of your new user ID from the account section in Dreamstreams and email this to us with your subscription code and we will attach your existing code to your new user ID or go to where you can find more info.

Please note that this transfer is normally done within 24 hours. We will not contact to tell you had been transferred. The account will just work. 

If you find any other issues that affect its operation, please let us know and we will update this FAQ.