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How to setup and use Dreamstreams (Multiroom) Sub devices. 

 Sub devices give you the option to watch Dreamstreams on multiple devices at the same location without paying full price for each device.

Get your 3-day Sub device trial from free trial page here


Let us explain how it works.


2nd (Sub) devices will only operate on the same network IP address and location as your main device. If you take your main device to another location only one device will work.

Download Sub device APK/App from here

The main device in your home which you use to watch Dreamstreams (Firestick, TV Box etc) is called your Master device. It will show this in the top of your account section in Dreamstreams.

You can add extra devices, (Firestick, TV Box etc) to your Dreamstreams Master account which we call sub devices. These sub devices let you watch Dreamstreams in other rooms in your home.

You can add up to x1 sub device to your standard Dreamstreams master account and x3 Sub devices to Dreamstreams Plus+ master account.

Each Sub device needs its own sub device account code to view Dreamstreams. You can use any 1m, 3m 6m or 12m Dreamstreams code with your sub device.

The sub device option will only work with fixed devices only in your home and not for mobile/tablet devices.

We sell the sub device codes only in 12-month subscriptions.

Download Sub device APK/App from here



To add a Sub device (new firestick, TV box etc) to your Master account, you first need to join or pair this new device to your Master account. 

This is a simple procedure.

 1. Download and install the Sub device TV App/Apk to your new sub device that you want to setup as a second multiroom device. So, this will be your second Firestick, TV Box or other Android device in another room. You download this App/Apk the same way you installed Dreamstreams onto your TV box, firestick or other device. You can download the sub device app/apk from the download page on or from here.     

 2. Once downloaded and installed onto your sub device (2nd box), open the Sub Device TV app on and it will ask you to enter a code.

This code is your main Dreamstreams subscription code from your main master device (Firestick, TV Box etc).

You can find this active subscription code in the main account section of Dreamstreams on the top left or on the original order email from us. 


(Location of you current Dreamstreams subscription code)


Once you enter this code into the new sub device and press ‘OK’, this will join that sub device to the master device and will say ‘Successfully paired’ once its done.

3. This is now a sub device connected to your master device and is ready to activate for multiroom viewing.

4. To activate and view Dreamstreams on this sub device you need to enter a sub device code that is either a 3-day free trial code from us for testing purposes or an active 12-month sub device code. These are available on the Dreamstreams website.


Dreamstreams Plus+ Only 

You are able to add a maximum of x3 Sub Devices to your Dreamstreams Plus+ master account for different rooms in your property.

Simply follow the steps in section ‘2’ for each sub device you want to add:

1.Download Sub device Apk to new device.

2.Open Sub device Apk and enter master code from your main Dreamstreams Plus+ device and press ‘OK’ to pair/join.

3.Enter Sub device code to new device to activate.


Important info on sub device codes and how they work.

You must first connect any new Sub Device to your master device before attempting to enter a sub device code or it will not work.

Sub devices can only work on the same IP address/location as the main Master device. You cannot take the sub device to another location as they will not work when the main master device is working.

Sub device subscriptions will not overrun after the date of expiry of the Master device subscription. So, if your master subscription expires, the sub devices will not work until you renew the master devices subscription.